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Frosted Laminate Applications & Uses

A Contemporary and Stylish alternative to Net Curtains and Blinds


HELADA CRISTAL can be easily fitted to most windows, cupboard doors with glass inserts, shower doors, conservatories, glass partitions, glass panelled doors and mirrors.


HELADA CRISTAL frosted laminate, when applied to the inside of your windows, offers the appearance of etched glass at a fraction of the cost. There is also less need for net curtains or blinds. A design chosen to best suit your needs will allow you to see out whilst others cannot see in.

Cherished possessions can be better protected from unwanted attention with the frosted laminate giving you peace of mind. HELADA CRISTAL also offers greater privacy. By covering internal window panels or shower doors, the frosted laminate creates a stylish visual barrier.

Easy Application

HELADA CRISTAL is supplied with step by step instructions for easy application. The frosted laminate is simple to install, taking only minutes to enhance your windows. With no need for trimming as we supply your laminate to your exact specifications, your design will be sent to you ready to fit.

By numbering and measuring each surface or window to the nearest millimeter, HELADA CRISTAL´s team will create your chosen design to best suit your dimensions.


It offers improved safety as it behaves similarly to safety glass in the event of the window being broken. HELADA CRISTAL is ideal for internal glass door panels when there are children in the house and safety may be an issue.


For kitchen cupboard doors, HELADA CRISTAL laminate can obscure your pots and pans and can give your kitchen a fresh and beautiful makeover. For larger glass doors HELADA CRISTAL's safety designs will stop friends, family and pets having an unfortunate accident by making your glass more visible.

HELADA CRISTAL offer Contemporary and Traditional designs for Lettering and Numbers.

Numbers will be cut to one third of the overall height and will be in a central position unless otherwise specified.
Letters can be cut from HELADA CRISTAL laminate to your own specification by choosing simply upper and/or lower case and the required size and position, as well as where you require the lettering to be read from (inside or out). Our Frosted Laminate can be used to point out your bathroom to guests, or personalise a utility room or glass panelled kitchen door, or for numbering your front door.

For the Kids

HELADA CRISTAL can brighten up your children’s rooms by offering chique designs for boys and girls. Kids of all ages can be catered for, giving their room a trendy, stylish finish that will be the envy of their friends.

Christmas Decorations

HELADA CRISTAL´s Laminates can also offer an alternative to messy seasonal decorations. The beautiful Christmas Flakes, or traditional Candles will add a magical touch to your glass or mirrors at that festive time of year.

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